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Guaranteed Reducing Credit Card Processing Fees
and Creation of Additional Income with the Use of
WORLD PAY/United Tranzactions/Vantiv Payment Solutions Services

URB Financial Services, Inc. represents WORLD PAY/UTA/VANTIV, the premier force in the credit card and payment processing industry. With regard to size, WORLD PAY is the largest company in the United States when it comes to credit card processing (2014 Nilson Ratings). In addition, WORLD PAY is now the largest check guarantee company in the United States and is considered the elite of this business segment of payment solutions. There is simply no other company in existence that offers a greater variety of payment solutions than WORLD PAY.

WORLD PAY and its partners currently handle the processing for the major companies in every single industry in the country that uses or needs the services of a payment solutions company.

WORLD PAY/UTA/VANTIV has developed its business by servicing the needs of America's largest companies, such as Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, Macy's, Walgreens, Allied Building Materials, CVS Pharmacy, Fergison Enterprises, the U S Treasury, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

We are also the only credit card processor/payment solutions company which is recommended exclusively by the National Association of Credit Management, the oldest and largest credit organization in the world. If you were to name an industry that you were interested in or involved with, we would be able to tell you of a major company in that industry currently using WORLD PAY services.

A quick example may give you an idea of what we mean by this. We recently offered the services of WORLD PAY to the owner of a large auto dealership in Southern California. We were told by the owner that they had been solicited for credit card processing and other payment solution services by a whole host of companies who all claimed to be able to give the best deal possible. However, if we could give them the name of any other car dealership in the area that used the services of WORLD PAY, they would follow up and consider our offer.

We were able to inform the auto dealership owner that Auto Nation, Hendrick Automotive Group and Penske Automotive, the 3 largest chain of auto dealerships in the United States all used the services of WORLD PAY/ United Tranzactions. In fact, the use of their check guarantee product was considered a must for most of the auto dealership stores.

Imagine taking a check from a customer and never seeing a reversal or charge back if the check is dishonored for any reason. There is no company in the payment solutions business that offers the check guarantee protection that WORLD PAY/United Tranzactions offers.

Let us show you how we can save you and your company money and also increase your profit levels while doing business with the best payment processing company in the country. In addition, we will also show you how some of our other services can increase your bottom line.

Simply send us, using the contact information below, two months of your credit card and/or payment solution statements and we will do the rest.

We will provide you with a free no-obligation written quote which will outline our fee structure and how we WILL save you dollars on your processing and payment solution needs. In addition, we will give you some ideas of how you can improve your bottom line with some of the same services we provide to the largest companies in the country.

Please email your statements to or call URB Financial Services at 848-480-6500.

For your reference, a general list of the major services we provide would include credit card processing, check guarantee, Electronic Phone Checks, On-Line Bill Payments, Electronic Remote Capture with guarantee, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment and Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment, and our Automated Cash Application service.

Our offer is a no lose situation for you. Our free analysis will let you know if the service you are currently receiving is truly helping you with the bottom line profits of your company. Because of our size and national presence we WILL be able to improve your payment solutions experience and create additional profits for you. By allowing us to give you a free quote and analysis, the worse that can happen is that you will find out how good a deal your current provider is giving you.

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