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We would like to introduce you to "Cost Segregation". If you take a few minutes to read this page, we are sure we can become one of your largest and immediate profit centers. If you own a building, lease a building or have recently improved a building you own, we can show you how to literally find money in your front door.

Cost segregation is very simple. The IRS allows you to separate all real and personal property and then create a tax deduction by depreciating the personal property assets over 5 years to 39 years, depending on the type of assets.

Until recently, it has been economically prohibitive to complete an engineered cost segregation study by a qualified firm. In addition, your accountant or CPA simply can’t do this as it must be done a qualified firm, otherwise there are many, many items that would be missed because a CPA is not trained to read blueprints, nor are they considered independent.

URB Financial Services represents CBRE, of the largest and most respected cost segregation companies in the country that specialize in the area of engineering based cost segregation. They have completed thousands of studies and there has not been a single adverse audit as a result of their analysis and findings.

The process to take advantage of this benefit is very simple, and includes the following steps:

1. We offer a Free analysis and all we need is a copy of the depreciation schedule used as part of your tax return or a charge statement if this is a new acquisition.

2. With the depreciation schedule, we can complete the initial analysis indicating what your cost would be and the estimated immediate tax benefits to you.

3. If you like the results, you then allow us to complete the cost segregation study. It is that easy and the whole process takes approximately four to six weeks.

The best way to explain the benefits is with a very quick and real example. We would like to tell you Scott Gunderson’s results as the owner of multiple automobile dealerships including an Audi and Infiniti dealership in Southern California.

The results for three of his dealerships were as follows:

1. The total cost of the engineered studies for all three dealerships was $22,000.

2. The first year additional tax deduction as a result of the cost segregation analysis was approximately $600,000.

Think about it, would you be interested if someone told you by giving them $22,000, you could get an additional $600,000 tax deduction and/or a huge check in the mail from the IRS? And what is truly amazing is that the CPA for the dealerships actually did a cost segregation review, but they just could not do it with the efficiency and skill of an engineering independent firm that specializes in this area.

Furthermore, the IRS allows for a "catch up" provision to be used. You can use all the additional depreciation identified through the study in the current tax year without amending any prior year's tax returns. Furthermore, whatever benefits you didn't need for the current year can also be carried forward into the future. This gives you a potentially wonderful benefit of creating additional deductions as a result of prior income.

I trust you will agree this can be a substantial cash-flow benefit to you. If you would like more information or would be interested in a FREE cost segregation analysis, please call us at 949-200-7109 or email us at

Examples of Successful cost segregation studies listed below

Mercedes Benz Immediate Tax Savings $308,402

Fast Food Restaurant Tax Savings $434,359

Industrial Condo Immediate Tax Savings $203,162

Hotel with Restaurant Immediate Tax Savings $7,184,104

Garden Style Apartment Immediate Tax Savings $3,429,301

Audi Mission Viejo Immediate Tax Savings $157,413

Grow Center & Dispensary Immediate Tax Savings $1,116,452

Limited Service Hotel Immediate Tax Savings $591,577

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